Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm such a bad blogger

I think the title says it all, I'm not good at blogging but I love looking at everyone else's! But here is a weight loss update. I have lost 8 pounds since January and since May of last year I have lost 17 pounds, still have lots to go, but I am running 3 days a week and about 2 1/4 miles each time! I signed up for a 5K in July (am I crazy or what?!?)

Isaac and Lilly are very active 2 year olds (sounds weird to say that). They have found all sorts of ways to scale our furniture making us rearrange our furniture numerous times!

Isaac is finally starting to speak more words. His new ones lately are Doggy (sounds like daddy) and Wow! He's such a lover of food. Just about everytime it's time to eat, when he sits down and sees the food his reaction either, wow, wow! or M..M..M!!! It's so funny! He's also finally learned the word NO also. He quite forcefully used it on me the other day while hitting me. Nice, huh?

Lilly had her feeding evaluation a week and a half ago and it's determined that she has oral sensory aversion. Basically meaning she doesn't like anything to be put near her mouth. Not sure when therapy for her will start, but once it does she will be seen by an occupational therapist 2-3 times a week, a speech therapist to work on her feeding 2-3 times a week, and a psychologist once a week to learn new behaviors when it comes to eating. Her amount of eating is like a roller coaster for us. Some days she eats good (even though it's still not a lot, but good for her) and then there are days where she eats maybe 2 bites. So now she's having nights where she wakes up twice a night for milk. But you would never know looking at her that she's got this feeding issue. She's a quite healthy VERY active little girl. She is on the go all day long. Her favorite words are puppy, or "what is that?" She likes to carry a purse around with her too!She loves ELMO.

I think it's funny that Isaac says doggy and Lilly says puppy....they're so different in just about every way possible. Here's some recent pics of the kiddos.


  1. Welcome back! LOL
    Love the pics of the kids! They are HUGE!! Hope the feeding thing with Lily gets better soon.... that's gotta be tough!
    And congrats on the weight loss... that is awesome, Angie Goss!!! I hope that 5k you're running in July is in Minnesota or something and NOT in Texas! Crazy woman! :)

  2. Way to go Angie!

    Love the last picture of the kiddos! They are precious!